Let's Write Together

a global village for mighty, soulful women writers

Come Home.
Craft Your Story.
Grow Your Soul.
Change Your World.

Stories have taken root in you for years.

Whether they take shape as poems or essays,
a book or a multimedia project, a memoir or a novel,
these words must grow out of you
and be fashioned into forms
that will give them a home.

Maybe you’ve met with success as an academic
or a professional. Maybe you’ve been published or not.
Maybe you’ve attended big writers’ conferences or small writers’ circles.

Still something’s missing for you.

You know there is so much more aching to grow out of you as a writer.
You refuse the isolation that can come with being a woman writer.
You refuse the other voices that demand you serve them instead of your own words.
You refuse to let your writing or your story,
your voice, or your message as a woman who writes,
go unheard or ignored.

Wherever you live, whatever your circumstance,
The Guild is here waiting for you.

Our Mission

To build a vibrant global literary arts community that empowers women writers through learning experiences that foster personal and professional growth.

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The International Women’s Writing Guild was founded in 1976, and has since expanded to support women in over 60 countries. Thank you for making this possible!


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