February 2017 - The International Women's Writing Guild
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February 2017

In this issue:

  • SAVE NOW on Early Bird Registration for the 40th Annual Summer Conference
  • March, April, May: Regional Conferences in Los Angeles, Florida, New York City, and Boston
  • IWWG Members’ Latest Books
  • NEW!  Monthly writing exercise:  Follow the Flow!

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Early Bird Pricing for 40th Annual Summer Conference 
WAYS to SAVE on our 40th Annual Summer Conference:

1.     Register here by April 1 for the early bird discount.

2.     To save even more, become a member here, then see #1.

Join us July 7–14 at Muhlenberg College, in Allentown, PA, for 30 workshops in all genres; critique groups in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry; acommunity salon; 2 book fairs; and open readings by attendees.

HOUSING:  Muhlenberg has provided us with plenty of rooms in 3 styles, which you may select on your registration form:

1.     single room in suite of 4, with shared bath and kitchenette

2.     double room, with shared bath

3.     private room with private bath ($350 additional fee)

BOOK FAIRS:  If you wish to participate, you:

1.     Must be a member and a conference participant (whether full, weekend, or day/commuter).

2.     Must register in advance for the conference so that we can pre-arrange table space. Please inform Marj at iwwgquestions@gmail.com, with “Book Fair” in the Subject line.

3.     May sell only writing-related media.

Can’t Wait for the Summer Conference? WRITE REGIONALLY in L.A., Florida, NYC, and Boston

Same Guild vibe in one day that we experience at the week-long summer conference!

~Erie Flagship City regional-conference attendee

Click on the conference name below to access the registration page, which includes the day’s schedule, workshop blurbs, presenter bios, the venue, and registration/payment options.

California Dreaming:  March 25, at Antioch University, Los Angeles

Florida Fling:  March 25, in Ponte Vedra, FL (St. Augustine area)

Spring Big Apple:  April 22, at Poets House, in Lower Manhattan

Boston “Writing from Your Life” Retreat:  May 6, in Medford, MA

California Dreaming 2016

Check Out Our Members’ Latest Books!

Roselee Blooston:  Dying in Dubai: A Memoir of Marriage, Mourning, and the Middle East

Linda L. Case:  The Fugitive’s Sister: The true, powerful story that set off a national media storm.

Karen Devaney:  Artista by the Sea: A Novel

Robin Russell Gaiser:  Musical Morphine: Transforming Pain One Note at a Time

Lynn Hesse:  Well of Rage: Murder in Mobile.

Marilyn June Janson:  The Super Cool Kids Story Collection

Jessica Tyner Mehta:  ORYGUN: Poems

Cindi Michael:  The Sportscaster’s Daughter: A Memoir

MaryAnn Myers:  Tetch (Admirable Women, Book 4)

Kekelwa Nyaywa:  Under the Fig Tree

Jill Rath:  The Promises of God

Kristin Rath:  Meant for More: Create Your Dream Life, Plan Your Path, and Start Living It Now

Alethea C. Rudolph:  EGG: Chicken

Arlene I. Shapiro:  Bess: A Novel

Carren Strock:  Grandpa and Me and the Park in the City

Jey Tehya:  The Wrong Kind of Indian: A Novel

Follow the Flow! : Our New Monthly Writing Exercise

Every Your Latest Page will now feature a line from a published text, the following of which―heart to mind to pen―will bear witness to the world and, in so doing, re-create it.

From T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”:

“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.”

Of course, you may swap out “coffee spoons” with a noun phrase more relevant to your life. Let this line launch a poem, an essay, or a story. (Remember to credit T.S. Eliot.)

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