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Announcing Our Upgraded Membership Benefits, A New Student Member Rate, Special Renewal Incentives & Dues Increase for 2019

Dear Current and Future Guild Members,

We’re excited to share all the 2019 benefits of IWWG membership, designed to uniquely serve your writing life!

  • JOIN OR RENEW BEFORE MARCH 1, 2019 and save! On March 1, 2019, our Annual Dues will increase from $55 to $75. You can join or renew at the CURRENT rate of $55 before March 1, 2019, OR
  • You can take advantage of our Three-Year-Membership offer and lock in the $55 rate if you renew for three years for $165 before March 1, 2019 – a $60 savings! Email iwwgquestions@iwwg.org and request an invoice for your three-year dues special.
  • MORE GREAT NEWS FOR STUDENTS! We have established an entirely new Student Member dues rate of $45. Full- or part-time students who are actively enrolled in an academic program at a high school, university, or college (undergraduate or graduate) may send a photo of their active student ID in an e-mail to IWWG along with their name and email address. Once we receive the documentation, we will set up an account and provide an invoice at the student rate.



  • A registration DISCOUNT for our Annual Summer Conference at Muhlenberg College. ATTENTION: Our Special Member Advantage Rate is good until January 31, 2019. You can register here.
  • A registration DISCOUNT for our regional conferences in Boston, New York City, Florida and more. To see the calendar of upcoming conferences, go here.
  • A DISCOUNT for our Digital Village Webinars. To see the calendar, go here.
  • A DISCOUNT on submission fees to our literary contests.
  • Your own WRITER PROFILE in our upgraded online Member Directory with your bio, contact info, and active links to your website and social media. (This feature is OPTIONAL and you may choose NOT to make your profile public.) This member marketing benefit allows other members and the public to find your profile on our website, search for you by name or state, view your photo, read your bio, and click on live links to your website, blog or social media. To update your member profile, log in and go here.
  • You may participate in two MEMBER FORUMS we host: IWWG Facebook Members’ Room and our Writer’s Share Forum, where you can engage with other members, share your writing successes, and swap knowledge to support your writing life, post new writing for comments, seek and offer tips, advice, submission opportunities, articles, and interviews. Our Facebook Room is here (members must request permission to join). Our Writer’s Forum is here.
  • Permission to display our IWWG Member BADGE on your website. Sign in to your account and download it here.
  • Your print and electronic copy of Network, our newsletter, with craft articles, local writing-circle notifications, and member news.
  • Opportunity to join local IWWG Writing Circles – Laura Kieley, our IWWG Board President, is developing this program with more news to come in 2019. You can e-mail Laura at iwwgquestions@iwwg.org
  • ANNOUNCE the publishing of your book complete with a full-color picture of the book cover inNetwork.You can send your announcement to iwwgquestions@iwwg.org.
  • The opportunity to pitch your work to agents, one-on-one, at our Spring Big Apple Conference, in New York City, for a member-discounted conference registrant pitch fee. Learn more and register for the 2019 Spring Big Apple here.
  • The opportunity to sell your books at our conference book fairs at no extra charge when you are a registered conference participant. To register for our conferences, go here.
  • A FREE seat in our online members-only events, including book clubs. To see the calendar and register, go here.

It’s our honor, our pleasure, and our passion to give to the Guild. We hope we’ve convinced you about all the powerful membership benefits that will be yours, in person and online, to support your writing life in 2019 and beyond!


The IWWG Board

Judy Huge
Laura Kieley
Hope Player
Cathleen O’Connor
Kelly DuMar
Raquel Arrechea
Dorothy Randall Gray
Morgan Lett
Leslie Neustadt

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