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Deadline: May 15, 2021

2020 is a year to forget, or is it a year we must remember? We are living through challenging, history-making times – times that present disproportionate challenges to women, as together we face an unfamiliar future. We are experiencing isolation, loss, loneliness. We see communities torn apart by illness, injustice, violence and death. We bear witness to undaunted determination for social justice and systemic change. We applaud the exhausted essential workers, 76% of them women, who continue to give so much around the world.

We hear the echo and urging of a young, Black female poet’s voice, her shadow a halo on the steps of the U.S. capitol. She calls for us to face together, “The Hill We Climb.” She asks us to be brave enough to “Be the Light.” Together we are called to re-imagine self, community and society.

IWWG’s fall/winter 2020 edition of Network featured writers’ early thoughts on the pandemic. Our spring 2021 edition showcased the narratives of Black women writers in Africa and America.

Our next issue, Women Writing History in a Global Pandemic, invites women from around the world to send us writing that documents the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on your life or on women’s lives. Please submit your poetry or prose of up to 500 words about your unique perspective – the challenges, losses, inspirations, hopes, and even what you most wish for as you again engage with the world. If you previously submitted to our 2020 Pandemic issue, you may resubmit or repurpose your submission. EMAIL YOUR SUBMISSION to michelle@iwwg.org

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