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Need the embrace of face-to-face connection with other women writers?
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Screen-to-screen from your home is as rich as face-to-face?
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All Voices Open Mic

Your Three Minutes to Share Your Writing

Open-mic readings have been part of the Guild experience since our first summer conference in 1977. Whether you’re a bestselling author and longtime Guild member, or you’re brand-new to Guild events and even to writing itself, you’ll be given the opportunity to read your work aloud in our All Voices Open Mic session at any of our day-long writing conferences. At our Summer Conference, our All Voices Open Mic is held on four of our seven nights together, and is one of the highlights of the conference for readers and audience members alike. Participants sign up during the day for a three-minute reading that evening. Our unique model and expert moderation provide writers of all levels a dynamic forum of respectful and encouraging listeners with whom to share writing of any genre at any stage of completion. Three minutes? you ask. What can be read in three minutes? About a page and a half, double-spaced, Times New Roman size 12 font, or 400 words—and you will amaze yourself with your ability to craft your fiction, memoir, poetry, essay, or journal entry into a meaningful, 3-minute arc that will leave your listeners wanting more. As a reader, you’ll gain confidence and skill. As a listener, you’ll laugh and cry and walk away with renewed wonder at the creativity and talent of women raising the decibel of their voices—some for the first time.


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