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IWWG Writing Circles

The Guild is known for its soulful women. Its joyful workshops. Its acclaimed teachers and facilitators. But perhaps most of all, the Guild is known for its sense of community. Over the last year, this connectedness has become more important than ever.

Now, after a great deal of feedback and input from our members, the Guild is embracing another way of honing into our vibrant community. This summer, we are delighted to launch a series of writing circles. 

These writing circles will vary based on your needs and interests. Some will be facilitated by a Guild instructor to provide extra focus and structure. Others will be self-led by the group members. Some will be organized by geography and some will be organized by genre. But no matter what, you will be provided with the resources you need, including Zoom tech support.

If you have a writing circle you would like to facilitate through the IWWG, please email with your interests (genre, geography, etc) and we will begin to set those up for you.

Facilitated Writing Circles

Fiction, Fairy Tales & Fabulation

Writing Circle with Dorothy Randall Gray
**Please note all times are listed in EST**

January 19 - February 16, 2023
7:00 - 8:30 PM EST

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Rapunzel cuts her hair, Sleeping Beauty has nightmares, and happy ending becomes a tragic beginning. Explore alternate truths, biomythography, Pinocchio prose, feminist fairy tales, and the world of, "What if..."  Inspire your otherworldliness with Octavia Butler, unusualness with Ursula K. Le Guin, and memoir mendacity with Mary Shelley.

Dorothy Randall Gray is author of the bestseller, Soul Between the Lines (Avon/Harper Collins), a recent volume of poetry Sharing the Same Sky, and numerous anthology selections.  Her other published works include Muse Blues, Woman, Family, The Passion Collection, and A Taste of Tamarinda. A two year LA Poet-in-Residence Dorothy's  "When I Was A Tree" poetry film was awarded Official Selection by the Film & Poetry Video  Symposium. Her work is also featured in the upcoming Eve Ensler/Aja Monet production, VOICES. She is a former board member of the International Women's Writing Guild, NPR commentator, and UNESCO delegate. Her workshops have inspired thousands throughout the US, China, Iceland, and India. They have served a variety of audiences including beginning and seasoned writers, graduate and high school students, creative aging groups, and incarcerated populations. A global activist Dorothy is a Hedgebrook Fellow who has shared the dais with the Dalai Lama, performed poetry in Iceland, danced with tribal boys in India, and boogied with James Baldwin in NYC.

The Past is Everywhere at Once:
a Memoir Writing Circle


February 23, March 23 & 30, April 13 & 20, and May 4, 2023
4:00 - 6:00 PM EST

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In this hands on writing workshop you will : Find your big story,  understand lessons learned, discover your overarching theme,  establish your time frames, focus on  important events- past and present. We will discuss  the memoir’s imperative- the importance of truth. Samples of memoirs will include memoir letters, dialogues, emails, diaries and excerpts from recent and past memoirs.

Please note the class intervals allow for some weeks in between to read and write. 

June Gould, Ph.D., is the author of The Writer in All of Us: Improving Your Writing through Childhood Memories (EP Dutton), Beyond the Margins: Rethinking the Art and Craft of Writing, and the novel In the Shadow of Trains; and the co-author of Counting the Stones, a book of Holocaust poetry. June has given readings at The 92nd Street Y (NY), The Holocaust Museum (Washington, DC), the Jewish Museum and Yeshiva Museum (NY), and libraries, synagogues, churches, universities, and bookstores throughout the U.S. and in Greece and Canada. She has been an IWWG workshop leader for over 25 years.

Open The Door To Spiritual Wholeness

**Please note all times are listed in EST**

March 1, 8, 15, 22, 2023
4:00 - 6:00 pm EST

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To achieve a lasting comfort with self and grace requires taking action.  The first three steps are being honest, open minded, and willing.  In doing so we discover the wisdom that embraces us as we embrace it, finding ourselves so much closer to a new, deeper sense of self and purpose, engaging more fully in life.Using a variety of ways to engage with each spiritual principle, we will meditate, improvise, use visual, sound, and written prompts to define our journey.

  • Workshop #1:  Honesty
  • Workshop #2: Open Mindedness
  • Workshop #3:  Willingness
  • Workshop #4:  Wisdom

This workshop will be presented in 4 sessions.  Participants have the option to participate in all or chose from the workshops being offered in this series

Margie Ann Stanko has a BA in Dance & Religion/Creative Writing, is an ordained One Spirit Interspiritual Minister and Spiritual Counselor and Companion with an active practice. She, holds certification in Gerontology, Person Centered Care, Blindness Basics, Therapeutic Touch/Energy Healing, Creative Arts Therapy, and Mindfulness Meditation. She has been recognized by The Brain Injury Association, Archcare, National Aphasia Association, Story Corps, Winterthur Museum, and The Stroke Connection for her writing and award winning work with persons with dementia, stroke and traumatic brain injury, end of life support for the dying and their families, and sensitivity training for caregivers, including medical practitioners.  

As an artist in residence for the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, Mt Sinai School of Medicine, Mt. Sinai Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Mt. Sinai TBI Research, NYC Department of Education, St. Helens (Oregon)Education Department, and the Teachers & Writers Collaborative, she has led multi-modality creativity and community building workshops, blending language, movement and sound/music through meditation and improvisation.  

She currently lives at Elderspirit, in the Appalachian region of southwest Virginia. Elderspirit is an intentional community for persons 55+that strives for independence, social activism, inclusiveness, and continued spiritual journeying. At Elderspirit she leads workshops in Art and Meditation, Torn Paper Collage, and Improvisation, as well as works with local artist’s collaboratives and the local museum to develop programs for children and families.

Renew (by Disrupting) Your Poetry Practice

**Please note all times are listed in EST**

Begins March 6, for 8 weeks (until April 24)
12:00 - 2:00 pm EST

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“When water gets caught in habitual whirlpools, / dig a way out through the bottom / to the ocean,” Rumi counsels in his poem “The Worst Habit” (translated by Coleman Barks). Some habits move our lives forward; some keep us stuck in a pattern. Do you keep writing the same ol’ poem? Sure, the words are different, the subject matter is different, but what about your language usage, your poetic moves and strategies, your structure? Do you vary how you write? We will engage in inventive (but not gimmicky) exercises designed to disrupt our habitual ways of writing so we can generate poems that are revelatory—for the writer and the reader—in both content and form.

Marj Hahne is a freelance editor, writer, and writing teacher, and a 2015 MFA graduate from the Rainier Writing Workshop, with a concentration in poetry. She has performed and taught at over 100 venues around the country, as well as been featured on public radio and television programs. Her poems have appeared in literary journals, anthologies, art exhibits, and dance performances. Committed to making poetry hospitable for everyone, she launched a YouTube channel featuring videos in which she reads poems to dogs and pairs poems with craft beers, craft spirits, and coffees.



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