Quarantine Log

By Vanessa Jimenez Gabb VANESSA LOG: QUARANTINE DAY x Wake up Water Meditate Pilates Breakfast / Take supplements Emails / Phone calls / Newspaper / Social media / Go outside / Provisions Clients [...]


Empty Shelves, Full Hearts

By Laura L. Kieley A lone roaster chicken at the bottom of an empty meat cooler. A woman who hovered far too closely as I drew the last fresh bread loaf off the rack. No chicken broth. No ice [...]


Wrestling a Giant Squid

By Maureen Murdock Now more than ever before we need women’s voices in print. As we weather this health crisis together it will be the stories of wise women that will inform and sustain us. Your [...]


I am the Guild

I cannot imagine the course of my adult life without the Guild. It has transformed me and been a central part of my healing journey. I have found a way to express emotions and process my life. I [...]


Unfolding My Own Myth

By Cathleen O’Connor “Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth. . .” ~~ Rumi When I was a child, books took me away from a [...]


The Strength of We Women Vessels

Walking before writing is my routine. The three-mile jaunt generates ideas. On today’s round, I noted the American flag at our community’s gate was flying at half-mast. Two conflicting ideas came [...]

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