IWWG Statement

  June 12, 2020 The IWWG unequivocally condemns the heinous murder of George Floyd and acknowledges and denounces racism and injustice in all its forms. We believe that black lives have made [...]


Potluck Picnics for the Soul

By Marsha McGregor There’s no denying our deep, collective nostalgia for the things we took for granted pre-pandemic. Movies. Concerts. Crowded stadiums. Spontaneous hugs. Grocery shopping [...]


Pepsi Daze at School Picnics

By Marisa Moks-Unger Growing up in rural Northwestern Pennsylvania, the biggest thing a pre-teen anticipated was the year-end school picnic. Pepsi sponsored it. The amusement park accepted bottle [...]



Join us for our Online Summer Programming!  Come join our talented community of women writers! Workshops, free writes, open mics and agents Come spend time with instructors our members know and [...]


Quarantine Log

By Vanessa Jimenez Gabb VANESSA LOG: QUARANTINE DAY x Wake up Water Meditate Pilates Breakfast / Take supplements Emails / Phone calls / Newspaper / Social media / Go outside / Provisions Clients [...]


Empty Shelves, Full Hearts

By Laura L. Kieley A lone roaster chicken at the bottom of an empty meat cooler. A woman who hovered far too closely as I drew the last fresh bread loaf off the rack. No chicken broth. No ice [...]


Wrestling a Giant Squid

By Maureen Murdock Now more than ever before we need women’s voices in print. As we weather this health crisis together it will be the stories of wise women that will inform and sustain us. Your [...]