Notable Quotes:

Scotty Ross

 IWWG is a guild, and that is important. There are a lot of writing conferences, but a women’s writing guild is unique, and powerful. We all benefit from having Guild, like in medieval times. And appreciate masters of the craft, like Pat Carr, teaching new generations of apprentices, some of whom, in turn, will become masters and so pass on the carefully learned standards. That’s the crucial thing about our organization, which should not be overlooked in the rush to modernize.

Survey Respondent

 This year I began to understand that I am doing other women writers a grave disservice by not letting them know how much the Guild Summer Conference can help them grow in craft, courage, and confidence. Yes, it may be a stretch to secure the resources they need to attend--but they really cannot afford not to come if they really want to write in this lifetime. The time is now! I have become a shameless advocate for this conference, and I'm proud of it!

Deni Trach

 What I took away from the conference this year is much like the past two years that I attended: the sense of acceptance and sisterhood. However, this year it was different for me because it was the year I transcended my pain that always colored my writing, and I was able to reflect more humorously on my past. This metamorphosis of self and writing is directly attributed to the women of the IWWG; it would have never happened without the support, love, encouragement and HONOR that each woman gives the other in our organization. I am wildly happy and free and the best me EVER when I am with all of you.

B. Lynn Goodwin

 The IWWG Conference gave me courage and confidence as well as nuts and bolts. What a pleasure to be in the company of so many intelligent and encouraging women.

Pat Mooney

 This was my first conference with IWWG – and won’t be my last! The experience was exhilaratingly intense; the classes were rich; the instructors were helpful and encouraging; and the women were friendly, funny, helpful, intelligent and so open to me – a newcomer. Thank you for a wonderful, exhausting three days!

Survey Respondent

It was my first visit and I thought being a newbie that I would feel and be treated like an outsider. The opposite happened. I was welcomed and encouraged to join groups. By the end of day one, I no longer felt like a visitor. 

Survey Respondent

It's life-changing—and I know so many women who say their lives need to change. I've never found a conference or class or group that can jump-start that change —or sustain it year to year —the way the IWWG Summer Conference does…